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Learning and the limits of automation

One of the themes that came up in the Vlerick Business School session on EA-roadmaps was around how long it takes to learn how to develop the skills needed to do enterprise-architecture – and how and why to learn them,

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Knowing, doing, being

No particular start-point for this one – just one of those first-thing-in-the-morning insights, that’s all. But it might be useful to various folks, and also acts as another potentially-useful SCAN crossmap, too. In knowledge-management and process-management, there’s what’s known as

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Rethinking the DIKW hierarchy

What are the relationships between data, information, knowledge and wisdom? This is one of the classic challenges in the knowledge-management [KM] space. The usual way to describe those relationships is that it’s a stack, or a hierarchy, or a pyramid,

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Knowledge, process, people, and enterprise-architecture

Reading KCore‘s excellent blog-post ‘High quality, High Impact KM: Start with the right questions‘, this early section of the article caught my eye: I’ve set out my stall when it comes to KM and by now it should be pretty clear

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TOGAF at the crossroads

A good Twitter exchange with John Polgreen (thanks John!) set me thinking yet again about the future of TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework). At present, TOGAF is just about the standard for the enterprise-architecture (EA) field, and the recent

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