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Playing ‘pass the grenade’?

Are you playing ‘pass the grenade’ with your business? Is your entire industry doing it? And if so, what can you do to defuse the metaphoric grenade? What’s the ‘grenade’? Well, it’s kinda like a hot-potato – except that you’ll

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What happens when kurtosis-risk eventuates

Quite a few times on this blog I’ve talked about kurtosis-risk (‘fat-tail’ risk), and why it’s a crucially important issue for enterprise-architecture. But what exactly is it? What does it look like in real-world practice? Why is it such a

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Anti-clients, kurtosis-risks and public riots

In quite a few of my posts on enterprise-architecture, you may have seen two unfamiliar terms: anti-client, and kurtosis-risk. To see these two concepts in real-world action, and to get some understanding of how important they are in enterprise-architecture practice,

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Back on the values-trail

Another instalment from the long-running discussion on LinkedIn about values-architecture. This part is about one of the more confusing ‘red-herring’ distractions in values-architecture, namely the notion that discussing anything other than money is somehow supposedly ‘politics’, which is therefore ‘wrong’

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