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Where have all the good skills gone?

[to the tune of “Where have all the flowers gone?”] Where have all the good skills gone? Long time passing Where have all the good skills gone? Long time ago Where have all the good skills gone? Gone to robots

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Another SCAN crossmap: Kolb Learning Styles

Another SCAN crossmap – this time with the Kolb Learning Styles model – that may well be useful in the knowledge-management and skills-development-space. It was first spotted by Archi co-developer Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie – many thanks, JB! I’ll let JB set

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Learning and the limits of automation

One of the themes that came up in the Vlerick Business School session on EA-roadmaps was around how long it takes to learn how to develop the skills needed to do enterprise-architecture – and how and why to learn them,

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Fail, to learn

“Ya gotta fail fast”, he said, striding back and forth with intense energy, from up in front of the podium. “If ya gonna be Agile, ya gotta learn ta fail fast“. But… I do that all the time already, don’t

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The LEARN principle

The LEARN principle extends the NEA principle of the internet to the context of global knowledge: Learning is everywhere. Everyone can use it. Anyone can improve it. Responsibility drives it. No-one possesses it. The NEA acronym stands for the maxim

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