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Gross Demoter Score

Marketing departments of so many organisations these days seem obsessed about their Net Promoter Score – the percentage of customers who’ll promote their products to others. “Free advertising!” is how some have described it to me – hence very enticing to

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Costs of acquisition, retention, de-acquisition

How much does it cost to acquire a customer? To retain a customer? To lose a customer? And in what sense of ‘cost’? In part this one was triggered by reading through my relatively-new copy of Business Model You, and

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What is a value-proposition?

‘Value-proposition’ is a term much-bandied-about in business-models and the like. Yet what exactly is it? A tweet by Alex Osterwalder pointed me to an article by Steve Blank on ‘How to build a billion-dollar startup‘, which included this brief section on the role of

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Marketing and the service-oriented enterprise

As the economy shifts ever onward from manufacturing toward services, how do marketing and market-relationships need to change with this shift? And what enterprise-architectures do we need to support this? [In part this is a follow-on from Dave Gray‘s excellent

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Where marketing meets enterprise-architecture

Rethinking the enterprise from a customer-centric perspective was another theme that came up in that conversation with Robert Phipps last week, in this case with a bit of virtual help from Chris Potts. The ‘conventional’ way of viewing an enterprise

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The enterprise is the story

Every enterprise has a story, of course – many of them, in fact. Yet there’s also a deeper story that defines the enterprise itself, what the enterprise is. It’s not just that the enterprise has a story: the enterprise is a

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