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Does specialisation lead to bad architecture?

Just how much damage is the cult of specialisation doing to enterprise-architecture? We’ve struggled for years with the problem that the domain-specific specialisation of enterprise-wide IT architecture has portrayed itself ‘as’ enterprise-architecture – causing serious difficulties for anyone who does

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The power of checklists

Spotted this one in the BMJ again: kind of illustrates the power of the pilots’ simple ‘pre-take-off checklist’ – or in this case a similar checklist for surgeons: Research by World Health Organization (“New England Journal of Medicine” 2009 Jan

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Only in America…

Came across this one in this week’s edition of the BMJ (British Medical Journal). You’ve heard of the Palm Pilot: well, now we have the Palm Pistol – “an ergonomically innovative single shot double action only defensive firearm”. It gets

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Yet more Cynefin

As you’ll see from the comments to my previous post on Cynefin, Dave Snowden again kindly came back with an appropriate critique: The fact that order exist in nature (a constrained system that prevents agent action independent of the system)

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