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An inventory, sorted

I’ll try for another way to sort and describe the current state of that stack of tools and methods that I’ve developed over the past decade or so, to guide business change and transformation, and that, for various reasons, I’d nicknamed

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The bucket-list – a keyword-schema

I’ll admit it: there’s an awful lot of stuff on this website of mine. And there are so many tools and suchlike here that it can be difficult to find one’s way around, or to work out which tools to

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Tools and metatools

Meta-this-that-and-the-other – metamodels, metaframeworks, metamethodology, metatheory, even metatools? What is all this stuff about ‘meta-‘? And what is ‘meta-‘, anyway? One answer is that it’s about a kind of recursion that we often need in our work, in which something is applied to

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Declaring the assumptions

Moving onward with this exploration of how I’m reframing the way I work, a key part is around identifying the constraints of that work: where and how the tools work, and – perhaps even more important – being clear about

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On (not) changing the world

Back on the ‘no more arguments‘ theme, there were a couple of responses I received that, although nominally private, were so apposite and to-the-point that I really do need to reprise them here. (Because the messages were private, I’ll paraphrase them

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Reframing the way I work

It’s time to make an end to the arguments that have plagued my professional-life and more for at least the past decade. And the simplest way to do that – to make that ending possible – is to reframe what

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An end to the arguments

It’s sometimes said that the real collective-noun for architects is an argument – ‘an argument of architects’. We see that often enough on LinkedIn, to be sure… Yet we’ve also seen it way too often on these pages here, or in

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The science of enterprise-architecture (short version)

(The previous post, ‘The science of enterprise-architecture‘, covered a lot of ground, but ended up kinda long – again… So for those with tendencies towards TL;DR, here’s a somewhat shorter version. 🙂 ) How much is enterprise-architecture a science? To

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The science of enterprise-architecture

Just how much is enterprise-architecture a science? How much could it ever be a science? Or, to put it the other way round, how much does science even apply in enterprise-architecture? That’s what came up for me whilst watching Brian

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