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A great conversation yesterday with Australian facilitator Helena Read, around the word ‘belonging’, and how it links with vision and enterprise-vision. In the enterprise, vision is the anchor for everything: the quality-system, the business-purpose, the enterprise itself. It’s a very

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Companionship. A calm kind of word. Quiet. Friendly. Supportive, enfolding – those kinds of feelings. A companion is literally “someone with whom we share bread”. Hence companionship is that state, condition, process, experience, whatever, of ‘sharing bread’ with companions. So

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On 'Time=Money' and other metaphors

“Gotta rush! Time equals money, ya know!” But does it? More accurately, are they ever actually equivalent? It’s not a trivial question – because if they’re not equivalent, just how much damage is that metaphor doing to our enterprise-architectures, business-architectures

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