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Tools for change: Back to the basics

Keep it simple. That’s always the challenge. The themes we’re working on with that ‘bucket-list’ of tools for change, it’s all too easy to go running off down the rabbit-hole, making things more complicated and complex than they need to

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Still here, still busy

Yeah, I’ll admit I’ve gone a bit quiet recently. Over here on this blog, at least. But it hasn’t been that I haven’t been doing anything. There is a lot that’s going on at present – though most of it is

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An inventory of sorts

In the previous post ‘Decisions, decisions…‘, I promised to list the tools for sensemaking, strategy, modelling, metagovernance and the like, for use in enterprise-architectures and similar fields, that I’ve been working on over this past decade or so. So here

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Tools and metatools

Meta-this-that-and-the-other – metamodels, metaframeworks, metamethodology, metatheory, even metatools? What is all this stuff about ‘meta-‘? And what is ‘meta-‘, anyway? One answer is that it’s about a kind of recursion that we often need in our work, in which something is applied to

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Platform, toolset and tool

With all of this exploration on new toolsets for enterprise-architecture and the like, what exactly are we talking about here? Is the aim to create some kind of ‘super-tool’ or toolset that will do absolutely everything, all in one go –

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Toolsets, pinball and un-dotting the joins

What is enterprise-architecture, anyway? What’s it all about? Where does it add value to the enterprise? Kinda important questions for enterprise-architects, it would seem… Given that, then it seems it might be worthwhile to leverage some of those recent posts

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And more on toolsets for EA

Delighted to see that the past couple of posts on toolsets for enterprise-architecture and suchlike have stirred-up quite a bit of interest. So let’s keep going, and see if we can make this happen for real. 🙂 One thing that

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More notes on toolsets for EA

Various notes following on from my recent post ‘New toolsets for enterprise-architecture‘. Most of this is about some great interactions on the ‘EA-toolset’ themes with Phil Beauvoir (@ArchiToolkit), Peter Bakker (@mapbakery) and Gene Hughson (@GeneHughson), and also, if somewhat peripherally,

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Chatting with a colleague the other day about where I’d gotten to so far with my explorations on new toolsets on enterprise-architecture. I’d been talking on what I saw about what it needed to do overall; then a bit about

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New toolsets for enterprise-architecture

(There are several posts queuing up for publication here about this shift in direction towards ‘maker of tools for change‘, but this one is a bit more urgent to support a key conversation that’s happening right now. The other posts

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