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How should we respond to inherent-uncertainty in qualitative-requirements, for enterprise-architecture and the like? Yes, we can reduce every qualitative-requirement to some sort of metric, but is that always a wise thing to do? And if not, how can we tell whether

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Metrics for qualitative requirements

Just how should we handle qualitative requirements in system-design and enterprise-architecture? Should we, for example, reframe them into quantitative terms, as metrics – because it’s a lot easier to keep track of ‘measurable things’? Over the past couple of days

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New economics models – what impact on enterprise architecture?

The media response was predictable, I suppose: sometimes considered and thoughtful – ‘France offers us all a new perspective‘ – but often sarcastic or dismissive – ‘Sarkozy proposes the joie de vivre index‘. Yet the recent report on economics models

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Answers to questions on SEMPER

A useful email correspondence about SEMPER with enterprise architect Sally Bean brought up a couple of questions which others are likely to ask, so I thought I’d put the answers up here: 1: “are the labels always meaningful?” I hope

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'SEMPER' book published

I’ve now published the next in my ‘Tetradian Enterprise Architecture’ series, SEMPER and SCORE: enhancing enterprise effectiveness. Details on the Tetradian Books website – see here for the book-info, and here for the free-download PDF e-book. It includes a full

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