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Dump the financial incentives!

If you want to understand what our enterprise-architecture disciplines really need to be able to address, take a good long look at the healthcare context. Complexity of every possible kind: whole-of-system interactions, interweaving lifecycles, the urgent mixed in with the long-term –

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The future of work, and money

Seems lots of people these days are writing about ‘the future of work’ – and even putting some of that thinking into practice, too. But is that thinking going anything like deep enough? Hmm… – not sure about that… So

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Money, price and value in EA (shorter version)

The previous post on ‘Money, price and value in enterprise-architecture‘ was kinda long, so here’s a (somewhat) shorter summary: Background It’s fundamentally important that enterprise-architectures should incorporate the following assertions: there are many other forms of value besides money in

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Money, price and value in enterprise-architecture

To my mind, the way that most people seem to handle the relationships between money, price and value in enterprise-architecture and EA models is, frankly, an utter shambles. So let’s get a few things straight here: there are many other

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Why the bottom-line doesn't come first in enterprise-architecture

Yep, it’s red-rag time, folks… 🙂 Sometimes I really do despair of ‘enterprise’-architecture that completely fails to understand the difference between enterprise and organisation, or that mistakes the concerns of a single stakeholder group for the aims of the enterprise as

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Currency, value and trust

More enterprise-architecture stuff, this time about the relationship between trust, value and money. This starts from a Tweet by Swedish consultant Oscar Berg, which triggered off a back-and-forth flurry: oscarberg: The main currencies of business have always been information &

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On 'Time=Money' and other metaphors

“Gotta rush! Time equals money, ya know!” But does it? More accurately, are they ever actually equivalent? It’s not a trivial question – because if they’re not equivalent, just how much damage is that metaphor doing to our enterprise-architectures, business-architectures

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Money as the 'information-shavings' of the economy

Another follow-on to the theme about the economy as enterprise-architecture and the role of money within an economy. This one picks up from another direction, namely knowledge-management – specifically, a post on KMWorld by Phil Murray, ‘Everything is connected… really…

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Whuffie, currency and the 'ready-fire-aim' syndrome

Spent much of the past couple of days getting overly-involved in two great threads on Venessa Miemis‘ ‘Emergent by Design‘ blog: Social Capital is not the same as Whuffie What could the future of money look like? The first thread

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