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Let it go

Let it go? Actually, I can’t. Or won’t. Or don’t know how. Or maybe it won’t let me go… Something, anyway… Right now I’m in the somewhat embarrassing position of being hooked on a Disney movie. Or, to be precise, one

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Gamification and infinite-games

What’s the point of gamification? Could it have useful applications in enterprise-architectures? I’ll admit straight off that I’ve never been one for most kinds of games, whether in school-days or anywhen since. I’ve never been able to see much point

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The motivation dilemma

What’s the source of business-motivation? How are people motivated to do their work at work? If Dan Pink is right, the answer isn’t much to do with money – at least, not for anything more than the most robotic kinds

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How do we make EA make sense?

Those notions of ‘whole-enterprise architecture’ that I’ve been describing in the ‘no-plan Plan‘ series of posts make solid sense to a fair few people – particularly those who’ve some experience of systems-thinking, design-thinking and the like. But it’s painfully clear

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The no-plan ‘Plan’ for whole-enterprise architecture – a summary

That description of ‘the plan that is no plan’, about the direction that I’m moving into after moving out of mainstream ‘enterprise’-architecture, kind of ended up a bit longer than intended. (No surprise there, unfortunately… 😐 ) Oh well. In

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The no-plan Plan: people in architecture

Okay, time for the final theme in that ‘no-plan Plan‘ – which somehow seems to be turning into a kind of ‘manifesto for whole-enterprise architecture’ or something like that, for some reason. Oh well. Anyway, this part’s about what is perhaps

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The no-plan Plan: architecture for change

And more on that expansion on my ‘no-plan Plan‘, which does seem to be morphing somewhat into a kind of ‘manifesto for whole-enterprise architecture’… Anyway, this part is about that theme of ‘architecture as change’ – though perhaps ‘architecture for

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The no-plan Plan: architecture as story

Next part on that expansion on my ‘no-plan Plan‘, with more detail on the theme about ‘architecture as story’. If you’ve been watching this blog for a while, you’ll know that this theme already goes back a few years, such

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The no-plan Plan: the ‘why’ of architecture

A bit more detail on what I see coming up in my ‘no-plan Plan‘, starting with the theme about ‘the ‘why’ of architecture’. One thing I’ve always found worrying in most current ‘enterprise’-architecture is that there’s been almost no attention

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The fun theory

Found this Volkswagen initiative via Swedish social-media expert Oscar Berg: Notice the success-metrics: two-thirds more people used the stairs rather than the escalator. Now: how do we apply those same principles to organisational design and enterprise-architectures? 🙂

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