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Changes coming

New books, new strategy, new location, for a new decade: that’s me. And with it, big changes coming up for me, all within the first half of the coming year. In late January, there’ll be the launch of the first

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Review-interview on ‘Changes’

It’s been good to see another review of my book ‘Changes – a business novel‘: (There’s a sizeable free-sample of the book on Leanpub: go to the home-page for the book, and then click on the ‘Read free sample’ button

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New book: ‘Changes – a business novel’

Delighted to say I’ve just published my ‘business-novel’ Changes. Hooray! More details are at https://leanpub.com/tb-changes . Here’s the cover: And here’s the blurb: Marco has a new job: Head of Organizational Change. But his bright new plan to bring the company into the

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Making enterprise-architecture more tangible

Enterprise-architecture: it’s kinda abstract, isn’t it, most of the time? All those techie diagrams and so on, that only a techie would love…? Which may be one reason why it’s been so hard to get traction for EA outside of

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My ‘EA Masterclass’ coming to Australia

What’s the last stage of learning any skill? Answer: ya gotta teach it… And that’s exactly what I’ll be doing down in Australia, starting late next month. Some while ago I said that at last I’d Got Round To It

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To change the structure, change the story

This one starts from a question from Arif Mustafa, an IT-strategy and enterprise-architecture consultant with Toyota Canada, over in Toronto: Why (newer) enterprises like, say Google, Facebook, Amazon etc are able to create culture of collaborative-innovation where companies like IBM

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Like magic…

What is magic? And how would it apply in enterprise-architecture? Don’t worry – I haven’t gone crazy! (Well, not completely crazy, anyway…) It’s just I’ve been doing a lot of pondering lately on that classic phrase by Arthur C Clarke, that

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Two SCAN notes – 1: Edges

The SCAN framework describes sensemaking and decision-making in terms of four distinct ‘domains’, by convention labelled as Simple, Complicated, Ambiguous and Not-known. But what happens at the edges? (The domains themselves are fairly distinct, anyway, in the sense that viable

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EA: past and future, money and story

One more comment on the ‘certification for enterprise-architecture’ farrago, and then I’d better move on. The other day I spotted a one-liner from ‘gamechanger‘ Mike Bonifer that I can only describe as quietly brilliant – and painfully pertinent to this

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Michael Margolis on story (and business)

What is story? Perhaps more to the point, why story? This was another item that whipped by on the Twitterstream that I felt needed to be kept somewhere somewhat more permanent – a stream of comments on story and the nature

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