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Models and reasoning-processes in enterprise-architecture

Just how should we use models and frameworks in enterprise-architectures – particularly in the exploratory phases of architecture-development? What’s the best way to use them? And how do we prevent the frameworks from constraining our options in those processes? These

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Does specialisation lead to bad architecture?

Just how much damage is the cult of specialisation doing to enterprise-architecture? We’ve struggled for years with the problem that the domain-specific specialisation of enterprise-wide IT architecture has portrayed itself ‘as’ enterprise-architecture – causing serious difficulties for anyone who does

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Microsoft's 'breakthrough' in enterprise-architecture

A couple of weeks back, Gabriel Morgan of Microsoft’s internal Enterprise Strategic Planning unit posted an article on what he described as a ‘breakthrough’ in enterprise-architecture, “A Breakthrough: Maturing EA to be a Catalyst to Transform the Company“: It’s time

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More on Enterprise Business Motivation Model

Nick Malik of Microsoft kindly wrote back a comment to my (as he put it) “not flattering, to say the least” earlier post on his Enterprise Business Motivation Model (EBMM) First off, many thanks, and I do acknowledge that, to

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Enterprise Business Motivation Model

One of the ArchiMate crew, Remco Blom, pointed me to Nick Malik’s article on the Microsoft MSDN site describing and launching his ‘Enterprise Business Motivation Model’. A quick summary: it’s an interesting attempt to unify various other business-motivation models, but

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