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John Zachman and the curate’s egg

A couple evenings ago the BCS (British Computer Society) held a open question-and-answer session with John Zachman at the EAC-BPM conference in London. How much has the Zachman Framework for enterprise-architecture changed over the past decades – and particularly over the

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The science of enterprise-architecture (short version)

(The previous post, ‘The science of enterprise-architecture‘, covered a lot of ground, but ended up kinda long – again… So for those with tendencies towards TL;DR, here’s a somewhat shorter version. 🙂 ) How much is enterprise-architecture a science? To

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The science of enterprise-architecture

Just how much is enterprise-architecture a science? How much could it ever be a science? Or, to put it the other way round, how much does science even apply in enterprise-architecture? That’s what came up for me whilst watching Brian

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The is-ness of business

What do enterprise-architects do? At first glance it’s not an easy question. We talk a lot, with many different people, about lots of different things; but we don’t seem to do much. We tend to use a jawbreaking jargon, about

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Enterprise-architecture as vectors

A great conversation yesterday evening with a former colleague from Sydney, Robert Phipps. Rambling over a range of enterprise-architecture themes: about the distinctions between organisation and enterprise, about the role of values in the defining vision (or ‘venture’, as he

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tinc – a Temporary Inconvenience

As can be seen from the comments to the previous post, the demands that we find another name for this framework-that-has-no-name have become increasingly strident. Various urgent online and in-person conversations have ensued. The only directly-meaningful name we came up

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More on assets and enterprise architecture

Another cross-post from the discussions on LinkedIn. Over there, Pat Ferdinandi has been throwing me some really valuable challenges around this whole issue of assets in enterprise architecture – for example: hmmm…service is not an asset? That made my mind

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Assets and enterprise-architecture

(This is a thread I’ve started over on the enterprise-architecture lists on LinkedIn, but thought I’d also place it here.) The start-point was a throwaway comment by a guy on one of the lists that was probably meant to be

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