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The stench of systemic decay

It was the smell that caught my attention first, I guess – the smell of chemicals as I walked through through the front door of their supposedly upmarket offices. But it’s something I’ve come to recognise, to watch for, as

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At Open Group London 2013 – and certification again

Another month, another enterprise-architecture conference? This time it was Open Group London, billed as “Business Transformation in Finance, Government and Healthcare”. Of which it did cover some – according to the programme and the Twitterstream, anyway. (See the Open Group’s ‘highlights’

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Positioning Enterprise Canvas in enterprise-architecture work

As I mentioned again quite recently, I’m always pleased to see how others use my work, because there are usually themes in there that I hadn’t seen before. So the other day, whilst listening in on the Open Group webinar

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Open Group TweetJam on digital-disruption

Yesterday (02 October 2013) the Open Group ran one of its occasional ‘TweetJam’ Twitter-discussions – also known as an #ogChat. This time it was on digital disruption – disruption to existing business-models, typically (but, as we will see, not only) by

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Open Group TweetJam on ‘Platform 3.0’

A quick ‘public-service’ blog-post to document a possibly-useful conversation for enterprise-architects and others. Yesterday (6 June 2013) The Open Group ran a ‘tweet-jam‘ online-conversation, to: examine how convergent technologies such as Big Data, Social, Mobile and The Internet of Things are

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Open Group TweetJam on business-architecture

What is business-architecture? What is its relationship with enterprise-architecture? And what is the business-value of either, or both? The Open Group ran a very useful ‘TweetJam’ – a ‘twitter-conversation – on these themes yesterday, using the hashtag #ogChat. I pulled

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The unique contribution of enterprise-architecture

What do enterprise-architects actually do? What unique contribution do they bring to the enterprise? What triggered this was one paragraph in Len Fehskens’ item on current and future enterprise-architecture, in the Open Group blog ‘2013 Open Group Predictions, Vol.1‘. Here’s the

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Enterprise Transformation and Open Group

Enterprise-architecture is dead – long live enterprise-transformation! Or so it would seem, from the description of the current Open Group conference at Cannes. Yet is all as it seems? I’d have to admit that the conference-programme does worry me a bit. Despite

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IT-centrism, business-centrism and business-architecture

This one continues the recent theme of IT-centrism and why it’s such a problem for enterprise-architecture, but extends it into a slightly different direction, courtesy of a Tweet yesterday by Ron Tolido: rtolido: interesting stuff coming soon around a global

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Tweets from Open Group conference, San Francisco (day 3)

A set of Tweets from the third and final main day (01 Feb 2012) of the Open Group conference in San Francisco, collated via the#ogSFO hashtag. (Tweets from Day 1 are here; from Day 2 are here.) Once again, many thanks indeed to

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