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Auftragstaktik and fingerspitzengefühl

Two words: auftragstaktik and fingerspitzengefühl. To an English speaker, they might look kinda weird, but they’re key to getting an enterprise to work well… The terms originate from the German military, from around the early-19thC and mid-20thC respectively. They would translate approximately

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Enterprise, organisation and the Olympics

For enterprise-architects, the Olympics provides a great illustration of the difference between ‘the enterprise’ and ‘the organisation’. Although in business it’s quite common to regard ‘enterprise’ and ‘organisation’ as synonyms for each other, for enterprise-architecture its wisest to use the

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Enterprise and organisation as ends and means

Ends and means are not the same: everyone knows it’s not a good idea to mix them up. The same is true of ‘enterprise’ and ‘organisation’. The enterprise represents the ends of what we do; the organisation is part of the

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The organization of the Organization

Had an interesting question come in today from one of my Dutch colleagues, Bas van Gils: I have to write a document and I’m kinda stuck. Time to ask for some help I’d say 🙂 The issue with the document is

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