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Social media and the work/play split

This one starts from a Tweet by social-media guru Oscar Berg: oscarberg: Social media would be easier to introduce in organizations if it was called “collaborative media” So easy to picture an angry boss yelling at employees around the water-cooler: “Oi!

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Underwhelmed at 'Enterprise 2.0' response

Like Oscar Berg, I’ve been decidedly underwhelmed at Andrew McAfee’s response to our critiques of his definition of ‘Enterprise 2.0’. To me he hasn’t addressed any of the critique at all. For what it’s worth, I posted a comment to

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Aliens, anarchists and analysts

A ‘tweet’ on Twitter pointed me to Colin Beveridge’s post ‘Enterprise Aliens‘, on his “Trillion Dollar Bonfire” website. (Colin estimates that over the past few decades at least a trillion dollars have been wasted worldwide on useless corporate IT –

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