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“I die inside…”

I come alive watching children play, learn, explore, share, grow into new possibilities. I die inside watching so many adults – including myself, at times – so often and so assiduously avoid doing any of those things… What is it

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Margaret Mead on gender-equality

Whilst working on a previous post on rights and responsibilities, I needed to hunt out the original of a phrase attributed to the anthropologist Margaret Mead, that “motherhood is a biological fact, fatherhood is a social fiction”. A quick search brought

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MQ-8: Let Freedom Reign ('Mythquake' series)

Summary of another chapter from the Mythquake book-project. The previous chapter, ‘MQ-7: Sugar and spice‘, covered probably the most controversial class of mythquakes, around cultural, societal, interpersonal and personal definitions of gender. It’s controversial because it’s something every person will experience

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MQ-7: Sugar And Spice ('Mythquake' series)

Another chapter from the Mythquake book-project. In the previous chapter, ‘MQ-6: The meaning of life‘, we explored major mythquakes that arise from collisions between ways of thinking – particularly science and religion, as ‘social constructions of reality’ that provide definitions of

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