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Embracing our inner weirdness

Easter. In the Christian calendar at least – and in the pagan one that preceded it – it’s supposed to be a time of rebirth. Yet rebirth of what? And into what, or whom? If it’s a more personal form

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CEGMON – a blast from the past

You can blame Phil Beauvoir for this one. 🙂 A few days back, the grand-master of the justly-famed Archi Open-Source toolset for Archimate (version 2.7 just released, by the way) put out a tweet that, in essence, said that his

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Downer again – and some deeper doubts

One of the professional hazards of working in the futures space is that, by definition, many if not most of the themes I’m working on are five, ten, fifty or more years into the future. Without people like me doing

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