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RBPEA: Opportunities unheeded…

Following on from that description of ‘further-futures’ enterprise-architecture, several folks have asked me for a real example of the kind of world that I see, as an outcome of ‘Really-Big-Picture Enterprise-Architecture‘ [RBPEA]. In other words, what would be the outcome

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RBPEA: The other Bolshevism

Okay, I admit it: I’m passionate. I care. To many people, though, it seems that those are considered to be major faults… Yesterday we had what’s called a General Election in Britain – the once-every-few-years opportunity for the populace to

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And Australian sexism again…

Does no-one see the danger in this? Apparently not: RT @TJSKane: “@DanielAndrewsMP: no less than 50% of all future appointments to all paid government boards, & all Victorian courts, will be women”Onya Dan No doubt many people would think of

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“Who will lead us out of our uncertainty?”

“The world still reels from the fallout from the crisis of 2008 :: Who will lead us out of our uncertainty?” Those are the frame-captions for a cartoon-style advert that’s currently running on the Forbes website, for an upcoming conference

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Why are the elite the elite?

An interesting follow-on this afternoon from the themes of the previous post, ‘Rethinking the architecture of management‘. I was wandering around down town, doing the shopping. Outside this rather nice old traditional-style grocer’s shop, there’s a mob of 20-something students

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The dangers of 'term-hijack'

My post yesterday on “Annoyed at ‘Enterprise 2.0’” seemed to touch a nerve with quite a few folks – it’s had more responses and ‘twitter-play’ than all my other posts in the past month put together. 🙂 But although there

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Oh no not again…

My colleague Shawn Callahan from Australian business-knowledge consultancy Anecdote kindly posted a link via Twitter to the ‘Girleffect.org’ website Just rewatching http://girleffect.org to remind myself how to use mystery to setup a presentation As he says in the post, the

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