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The Really Big Picture for enterprise-architecture

The ‘Really Big Picture’ for enterprise-architecture is a sustainable world that works well for everyone. Okay, that’s a bit of a bald statement. Let’s step back a bit. To me, every enterprise-architecture is anchored in a vision of some kind

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Responsibility versus anti-possession as response to disaster

If ever you might need a clear example of the difference between a responsibility-based economy versus a possession-based one, and the fundamental dysfunctionality of the latter, take a look at the international response to the current natural-disaster in Japan, with

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A problem of possession

This one’s for Oscar Berg, who this morning sent out the following Tweet: My best ideas that I use at work are born outside of office hours. Who owns these ideas? I commented on my reTweet that this was a

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Are time and responsibility our only real possessions?

Another of those first-thing-in-the-morning ideas, which arose in part from a conversation on social-architectures that I’ve been having with gift-economy maven Alpha Lo. Our whole economy is built around the idea of possession, and exchange of possessions; yet what do

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