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What I do, and why

“Are you the guy who writes books?”, asks the young woman behind me in the cafe. Well, yes, I am – but much as for her, it’s taken me a moment or two to recognise her, and then remember the

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Services and disservices – 4: Priority and privilege

Services serve the needs of someone. Disservices purport to serve the needs of someone, but don’t – they either don’t work at all, or they serve someone else’s needs. Or desires. Or something of that kind, anyway. And therein lie

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RBPEA: Attachment, non-attachment, non-detachment

It’d be mid-evening by now, I guess, as I wander down to the platform for the tube-train home. As the train-doors open, there’s a cluster of mostly Asian lads down at this end of the train, happily joshing with each

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RBPEA: The other Bolshevism

Okay, I admit it: I’m passionate. I care. To many people, though, it seems that those are considered to be major faults… Yesterday we had what’s called a General Election in Britain – the once-every-few-years opportunity for the populace to

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RBPEA: “Love, live, work, hope”

What are the real human needs? So far in this series on RBPEA (Really-Big-Picture Enterprise-Architecture), we’ve explored non-negotiable constraints imposed on us by Reality Department, and problems that are inherent in a culture that still actively promotes serious dysfunctionality in a

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RBPEA: The dangers of ‘anything-centrism’

An architecture may have a centre – in fact most types of architecture work best if there’s a central theme or parti. Yet the process of architecting must not have a single centre – and that distinction is crucial, especially as we

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RBPEA: Where’s the plan?

This one came through from a colleague on the Twitterstream a couple days back, presumably somewhat channeling John Lennon: Imagine no possessions, we’d all love to see the plan And yeah, it’s a concern (complaint?) I get a lot about

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RBPEA: Feelings are facts

“You can’t feel that! You don’t feel that! You shouldn’t feel that! You have no right to feel that!” All of which stridently ignores the fact that we do indeed feel that… Let’s be clear about this: feelings are facts.

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RBPEA: Object, subject and ‘should’

A bright, sunny day – in Britain, no less! – though it’s the first day back to work after a very wet public-holiday weekend, so perhaps no real surprise there… But since it is sunny out there, my colleagues and I

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RBPEA: Basics and fundamentals

A small girl in the café this morning, with her parents. All happy enough for most of the time, yet also often an all-too-typical example of the dreaded ‘terrible twos’: everything’s ‘Mine!’, even (or perhaps especially) if it was actually

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