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The cyclist-shopper’s tale

You can’t go wrong if you follow the rules, right? But what happens when you come across something where the ‘rules’ don’t make sense – and yet you still try to hold on to the certainty of ‘the rules’? Or,

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Principles and checklists

What is the role of principles in enterprise-architecture? What is a principle? For that matter, when is a principle not a principle? These were questions that came up in response to a post by Simplicable: ‘101 Principles of Enterprise-Architecture‘. Or

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Rules, principles, belief and faith

Following on from the previous post ‘Rules, principles and the Inverse-Einstein Test‘, there’s an important corollary about real-time sensemaking and and decision-making – it was in my notes for the post, but I forgot to include it, so I’ll do

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Rules, principles and the Inverse-Einstein Test

It started with one of those first-thing-in-the-morning ideas that seemingly turn up from nowhere: Principles create a bridge between order and chaos. Order is expressed in rules; principles are expressed in story. Order, principles and chaos: order is an abstraction

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More on principles and decision-time

Seems that that Twitter-conversation about principles and decision-making just keeps on rollin’ on. 🙂 Stijn Viaene kicked the ball rolling again with the following Tweet: destivia: @ebuise @tetradian @richardveryard Never forget a ‘model’ is always only a preliminary version of

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How useful are principles in enterprise-architecture?

Not quite sure where this one started: probably from this Tweet a few days back by Anna Mar (@simplicableanna): simplicableanna: 7 Reasons You Need Architecture Principles http://bit.ly/xqzDkl #entarch Gerold Kathan retweeted it, and I passed it on again as what

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Principles, values, ends and means

What are principles? And are they ends or means? This came up in a great conversation the other day with Kevin Smith, creator of the Pragmatic Enterprise Architecture Framework (PEAF). He’d been having a fairly intense online discussion with another

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On business-rules

Reading James Taylor’s recent piece “Business rules are king“, pretty much every one of my enterprise-architecture alarm-bells went off. Yes, it’s a good article – recommended reading. And I would strongly agree with its implication that there’s a real and

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Economics as enterprise-architecture

Several people asked me to cross-post to other ‘economics’ sites the previous post on ‘Whuffie’ and currencies‘. I wasn’t comfortable doing so without editing-out the comments about the ‘Ready? Fire! Aim…’ syndrome, which were specific to the conversations to which

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Whuffie, currency and the 'ready-fire-aim' syndrome

Spent much of the past couple of days getting overly-involved in two great threads on Venessa Miemis‘ ‘Emergent by Design‘ blog: Social Capital is not the same as Whuffie What could the future of money look like? The first thread

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