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On innovation, foundations, scaffolding and Portakabins

Given that I’m reframing my work here as ‘maker of tools for change’, it seems worthwhile to republish from my now long-defunct Sidewise blog this 2010 post on some on the realities of change that must be acknowledged and addressed if

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The social construction of process

That previous post on process was, yes, I’ll admit it, a bit long: but the key point is that the term ‘process’ is necessarily a bit blurred, and that we get into trouble if we try too hard to sharpen up

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VPEC-T and Market Model

This one’s for Nigel Green, who asked for ‘war stories’ on his VPEC-T framework. (VPEC-T is an acronym for ‘Values, Policies, Events, Content, Trust’, a very useful frame for assessing flows and transactions in enterprise-architectures.) This isn’t a ‘war story’ as

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Executable enterprise architecture

Just come off the phone from an excellent conversation with Sigurd Rinde, developer of Thingamy – brilliantly summarised by Hugh ‘gapingvoid’ MacLeod on 30megs.com (“Here’s 30 megs. Now go run Germany.”) Key point is that it connects exactly with whole-of-enterprise

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