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Pointless paperwork

The train was full, of course – standing-room only. I made my way down to the onboard cafe-bar, not in the hope of finding a seat, but more of finding some place to stand that wouldn’t result in jostling someone

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At BPM Portugal 2013

Some quick notes on the BPM Portugal conference in Lisbon last week. It was international in the sense that there were a few ‘foreigners’ like me, who did their presentations in English, but otherwise most of the conference was in

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Structure, process and purpose

Just a simple idea that came up whilst I was pondering why the mix of EA (enterprise architecture) and BPM (business-process management) worked so well at the combined IRM-EAC / IRM-BPM conference last week. I’ve long said that enterprise architecture

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Does specialisation lead to bad architecture?

Just how much damage is the cult of specialisation doing to enterprise-architecture? We’ve struggled for years with the problem that the domain-specific specialisation of enterprise-wide IT architecture has portrayed itself ‘as’ enterprise-architecture – causing serious difficulties for anyone who does

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