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Explore, expand, exploit

It seemed straightforward enough as a description of the development process: explore, then exploit. (I forget which book we saw this in: one of Alex Osterwalder’s, I think, but I’m not sure.) Explore, to find out what the requirements are,

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Guiding the dance of change

How do we work with change? How do we deal with change? Or cope with it? Perhaps a better metaphor would be to dance with change. That’s not a new metaphor, of course: for business-change, for example, there’s the now-classic book

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The social construction of process

That previous post on process was, yes, I’ll admit it, a bit long: but the key point is that the term ‘process’ is necessarily a bit blurred, and that we get into trouble if we try too hard to sharpen up

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The meaning of process

What do we mean by the term ‘process’? What is a process? For that matter, what isn’t a process? This came up in a great Skype-conversation today with Kevin Smith, creator of PEAF (the Pragmatic EA Framework), about yet another LinkedIn somewhat-circular

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IT-centrism, business-centrism, capability and process

My earlier post ‘IT-centrism is killing enterprise-architecture‘ seemed to touch a nerve with quite a few folks: tetradian: [post] IT-centrism is killing enterprise-architecture http://bit.ly/p8kfqf (thx @dougnewdick) #entarch tonia_ries: The only thing that should be at the center of any business

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