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Service, product and architecture terminology

This one’s a follow-on to the ‘Service, product, service‘ post, but with an emphasis on the role of architecture-terminology itself, rather than any specific item referred to by that terminology. This starts with a private LinkedIn-message that a colleague sent

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Service, product, service

What’s the relationship between product and service? And if, as in the Enterprise Canvas model, we assert that ‘everything is or represents a service’, what then is a product? The short-answer is that a product is a ‘frozen’ service – a

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From service to product

We’ve recently explored here the transition from product to service – but what about the other way round, from service to product? (Many thanks to Michael Poulin for reminding of this point.) As far as I understand it, product and

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From product to service

What’s the relationship between product and service? How does that relationship work in practice, within a service-oriented enterprise-architecture? What started this one off was this much-referenced comparison: (My apologies, I don’t know who to credit for this image – perhaps

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Product, service and trust

Sirens blaring, blue lights flashing, the large white truck howls across the junction just ahead of us. Unusual markings, too: ‘Bomb Disposal’. In these troubled times it could be anything, of course; but out here, in the quiet backwaters of

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Product and service

What’s the difference between product and service? And in what ways does that difference affect the various aspects of enterprise-architectures? This question came up as a follow-on to an unusually-good LinkedIn discussion, started on The Enterprise Architecture Network list by

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