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Flat-out writing

Been working flat-out on yet another book-project, a collaboration with archaeographer Liz Poraj-Wilczynska, with a working title of Disciplines of Dowsing. Reason for the rush is that we want it ready in time for the next annual conference of the

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Still un-blundering…

Continuing the fixups from my mildly embarrassing blunder with e-book downloads on Tetradian Books – looks like I didn’t get it right that time either. 🙁 Looks like it may have been a case of Read The Fine Manual… oops.

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A mildly embarrassing blunder

Just discovered, courtesy of a much-appreciated comment from John Gøtze, that my e-book download-links in Tetradian Books weren’t working properly. Or rather, they were, but only for ‘right click and save’, not for simple click, which is what I’d written.

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'SEMPER' book published

I’ve now published the next in my ‘Tetradian Enterprise Architecture’ series, SEMPER and SCORE: enhancing enterprise effectiveness. Details on the Tetradian Books website – see here for the book-info, and here for the free-download PDF e-book. It includes a full

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'Eureka!' script published

I’ve now published my sort-of film-script ‘Eureka!‘ in book-form – see the Tetradian Books website here for the book-info, and here for the free-download PDF e-book. Set in the Australian 1850s goldfields (mostly), it’s best described as a comedy/satire about

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Busy busy

Haven’t forgotten about the need to keep in touch, just been kinda busy… Result of ‘busy busy’ is two more books published: more details in the next couple of posts. I’ll also be adding a new web-domain – SemperMetrics.com –

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