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Obliquity, serendipity and purpose

When everything is changing all around us, what is the role of purpose? And what is purpose, anyway? The starting-point for this one is a Tweet by someone I deeply respect, quoting someone I deeply don’t: RT @DavidGurteen: Obliquity and serendipity

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What I do and how I do it

What do I do, and how do I do it? What’s the nature of my work, and the methods that I use? And for that matter, why? That’s perhaps the shortest summary to a request by Anthony Draffin, in a comment

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Complexity, chaos and enterprise-architecture

Courtesy of a link by fellow enterprise-architect Sally Bean, I’ve just spent the past couple of hours viewing and then reviewing an online seminar on complexity by one of the thought-leaders on complexity-theory and practice, Dave Snowden: From Induction to

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New posts on my SideWise blog

Been some time here since I mentioned my other more business-oriented weblog, SideWise.biz. I’ve added a fair few items over the past few months: The market as economy: how ‘the market’ consists of much more than just transactions, and how

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Reference-sheets on Slideshare

Realised that the free-download reference-sheets from the Tetradian Enterprise Architecture books would be useful to have up on Slideshare as well, so have uploaded them there for more general accessibility than solely from the Tetradian Books website. “A framework for

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Slideshare #7: Purpose, power and productivity in the new economy (2001)

Another slide-deck from a fair while back (2001, in this case), but still seems relevant today. Many of its quotes reference a section in The Economist edited by Peter Drucker, about ‘the business of the future’. [It’s in PDF format,

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Anarchist again

Still recovering from the TOGAF conference – about which I need to do a blog-report later, ‘cos some major shifts there – and still ridiculously tired from the way-too-early-start, way-too-late-finish days of the conference itself. But a key point came

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And more business-anarchist

More ramblings on the ‘business anarchist’ theme. The conventional ‘scientific’ assumptions about business reality – as in Taylor’s classic ‘Scientific Management‘ – assume that everything is based on predictable Newtonian-style rules and laws. It’s sort-of true, up to a point,

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Business anarchist, again

I’ve been thinking quite a bit more about the ‘business anarchist‘ idea, following a couple of great conversations yesterday with Bas van Gils in the Netherlands and Stuart Curley in London. Hence a few more notes: Every business-consultant is, in

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