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A post-rights era?

Do we now live in a post-rights era? Rights so much seem part of the social fabric now – along with endless arguments about who should and shouldn’t have them, and why. But if there’s talk about ‘post-rights’, what’s really

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Seven sins – a worked example (‘Natural rights’)

Enterprise-architecture, strategy, and more: they all depend on discipline and rigour, in thinking, sensemaking, decision-making and action. But what happens when that discipline is lost? What are the ‘sins’ that can cause that discipline to be lost? How can we

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4713 days and counting…

He slouched down the street, a scowl emblazoned on his face. The slogan on the grubby black T-shirt said it all: Days since I gave a sh*t: 4713 and counting… I’ll admit I got a bit annoyed about this –

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Women’s rights? – just say No!

You what? “Say no to women’s rights” – you’re kiddin’ me, right? What kind of misogynistic claptrap is this…?!? I’ll admit it: I’m being deliberately provocative here. (Did get your attention, though, didn’t it? 🙂 And don’t forget I did warn you

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There is no right to not-care

For all the talk of supposed ‘rights’ to this-that-and-the-other, there is one ‘right’ that we do not, can not and must not have: the right to not care. There is no right to not-care. And yet so many aspects of

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Responsibility versus anti-possession as response to disaster

If ever you might need a clear example of the difference between a responsibility-based economy versus a possession-based one, and the fundamental dysfunctionality of the latter, take a look at the international response to the current natural-disaster in Japan, with

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MQ-8: Let Freedom Reign ('Mythquake' series)

Summary of another chapter from the Mythquake book-project. The previous chapter, ‘MQ-7: Sugar and spice‘, covered probably the most controversial class of mythquakes, around cultural, societal, interpersonal and personal definitions of gender. It’s controversial because it’s something every person will experience

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Downer again – and some deeper doubts

One of the professional hazards of working in the futures space is that, by definition, many if not most of the themes I’m working on are five, ten, fifty or more years into the future. Without people like me doing

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