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The cyclist-shopper’s tale

You can’t go wrong if you follow the rules, right? But what happens when you come across something where the ‘rules’ don’t make sense – and yet you still try to hold on to the certainty of ‘the rules’? Or,

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Rules, principles, belief and faith

Following on from the previous post ‘Rules, principles and the Inverse-Einstein Test‘, there’s an important corollary about real-time sensemaking and and decision-making – it was in my notes for the post, but I forgot to include it, so I’ll do

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Rules, principles and the Inverse-Einstein Test

It started with one of those first-thing-in-the-morning ideas that seemingly turn up from nowhere: Principles create a bridge between order and chaos. Order is expressed in rules; principles are expressed in story. Order, principles and chaos: order is an abstraction

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On business-rules

Reading James Taylor’s recent piece “Business rules are king“, pretty much every one of my enterprise-architecture alarm-bells went off. Yes, it’s a good article – recommended reading. And I would strongly agree with its implication that there’s a real and

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