On effectiveness, solutions and story

Just a quick note, this one, to document an item that came up somewhen during my recent travels. Several of the workshops had focussed on the SCORE frame, to help people map out themes that were relevant for strategy and

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Another view on SCORE

Yet another graphic for SCORE, this time kindly provided by JB Sarrodie, as a follow-on to the previous post ‘Using SCORE to reframe the business-model‘: I like it a lot – it’s clean, it’s easy to follow, the two-by-two matrix

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Using SCORE to reframe the business-model

He turned up with a copy of the Business Model Canvas template, printed on a large table-sized sheet of paper. “But where do we start?” he said. Good question… A bit of background first. I am, as usual, still rethinking

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Simplifying SCORE, again

How can we simplify the SCORE framework – Strengths, Challenges, Options, Responses, Effectiveness – to make it more accessible as a practical, more strategy-oriented replacement for SWOT? As summarised in the post ‘More on simplifying SCORE‘, the way to use SCORE is sort-of

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More on simplifying SCORE

How do we use SCORE, as a practical, more strategy-oriented replacement for SWOT? These are some additional notes as a follow-up and extension to the previous post ‘Simplifying SCORE‘. They perhaps apply in particular to the new simplified layout for

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Simplifying SCORE

What tool or graphic would you use to guide a quick exploration of strategy or tactics? Many people would use SWOT, of course – the classic 2×2 grid of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats: The catch is that it’s very limited

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Checking the SCORE

What’s a quick, practical alternative to SWOT – one that gives a bit more depth for strategic assessment, yet is still just as fast to use? My answer? Check out the SCORE: Strengths, Challenges, Options, Responses, Effectiveness. What triggered this

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Slidedeck: Introduction to SCORE

Finally got round to uploading to Slideshare my old (2006) slidedeck ‘Introduction to SCORE‘. SCORE (Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities, Responses, Effectiveness) is a kind of ‘upgrade’ to the good ol’ SWOT strategy-assessment framework. I developed SCORE perhaps a decade ago when

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