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An inventory of sorts

In the previous post ‘Decisions, decisions…‘, I promised to list the tools for sensemaking, strategy, modelling, metagovernance and the like, for use in enterprise-architectures and similar fields, that I’ve been working on over this past decade or so. So here

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Decisions, decisions – and an anniversary

One of the more challenging aspects of reaching so-called ‘retirement age’ is how much it refocusses attention towards one’s legacy rather than the new. There’s so darned much in my back-catalogue that still needs finishing before I run out of

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Big-consultancies and getting it right

As with all small independents in just about any industry, my /our relationship with ‘the big boys’ in enterprise-architecture is, yeah, kinda ambivalent at best. It’s not just that they make the most noise, grabbing most of the attention and

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Big-consultancies and bridging the chasm

Like all small independents in just about any industry, my relationship with ‘the big boys’ is ambivalent at best. All those big analyst-consultancies like Forrester or Gartner, the ratings-agencies like Moody’s or S&P, the big IT- or process-consultancies like IBM

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Seven sins and the Hype Cycle

Where does the Hype Cycle come from? Okay, we know it was originated by consultancy-firm Gartner some years ago, and that it looks like this: Or, more simply, like this: And we also know that it aligns well with Rogers et al’s technology-adoption lifecycle:

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SCAN – some recent notes

Still somewhat in catch-up mode, but seems like this’d be the right time to summarise a few ideas that have come up in recent months on the SCAN framework for sensemaking and decision-making. First of these is a simple cross-map

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More keywords for SCAN

Some notes that came up for me almost a month back, on the SCAN framework for sensemaking and decision-making, and that I hadn’t gotten round to documenting until now. I was reminded that I hadn’t posted these notes when I saw

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