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Service-design: How long is a service?

It was my grandmother’s 80th birthday. My parents wanted to make it a special occasion for her and for the family, so they booked us in for a meal at a place called Le Talbooth – then, as now, a decidedly

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Making enterprise-architecture more tangible

Enterprise-architecture: it’s kinda abstract, isn’t it, most of the time? All those techie diagrams and so on, that only a techie would love…? Which may be one reason why it’s been so hard to get traction for EA outside of

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More on backbone and edge

How do we build the right support in our architectures for the balance between certainty and uncertainty? How do we decide what needs to go into backbone, edge, or somewhere in between? This is a follow-on to the themes in

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Enterprise Canvas and the Service Cycle

How do we make sense of a service, for service-review and service-design? How can we usefully partition the service-activities to help make sense of that service? And how do we link those activities to the various forms of value that

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Migrating from edge to backbone

What should we move between ‘edge’ and ‘backbone’ in our enterprise-architecture? How do we do so? And what governance do we need for this? The core theme behind this here is the notion that ‘agility needs a backbone’ – that

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In designing management-structures, why is it so often assumed that responsibility-relationships only go one way? Our organisations often place enormous attention on insubordination, a refusal or failure to follow ‘orders from above’; yet why don’t they place the same level

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When identical is not the same as equal

Is ‘identical’ always the same as ‘equal’? Not in service-design – and one of the issues we need to watch for is to ensure that identical service-provision does not lead to far-from-equal service-outcomes. If ever you want an all-too-real example of

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How not to use IT in services

Several people picked up on this one after Gerold Kathan sent out a note about it, but perhaps David Sprott said it the best: davidsprott: RT @gkathan: John Seddon – a master class in how NOT to use IT in

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The ‘This’ game and EA toolsets

Continuing on the theme of the ‘This’ game for engaging people in enterprise-architecture exploration and development, as described in the two previous posts ‘This: an exploratory game for service-oriented EA‘ and ‘More on the ‘This’ game for enterprise-architecture‘. The final

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More on the ‘This’ game for enterprise-architecture

A great session yesterday with Kevin Smith, brainstorming ideas for the ‘This’ game for service-oriented enterprise-architecture. I’d originally envisaged ‘This‘ as a kind of card-game, with questions and supporting-information printed on playing-cards: There would be that small set of mandatory

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