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And Australian sexism again…

Does no-one see the danger in this? Apparently not: RT @TJSKane: “@DanielAndrewsMP: no less than 50% of all future appointments to all paid government boards, & all Victorian courts, will be women”Onya Dan No doubt many people would think of

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RBPEA: On equality and gender

What is equality? How do we create it, support it? – and why? Is equal always the same as identical? – and if not, why not, and how not? And what part does gender play in any of these? –

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Everyday sexism of the subtler kind

How does sexism and suchlike become invisibly ingrained in our society? Answer: whenever said sexism is promoted as ‘progressive thinking’… To many people, the term ‘sexism’ applies only to gender-imbalance that directly affects women: yet a few moments thought should

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Australia’s sexism strikes again…

I’m angry. I’m disgusted. I’m sickened. Yet sadly, I’m not surprised. I’ve seen too much to be surprised at this… The direct reason for my anger this morning? – this article in today’s Melbourne The Age: ‘Virgin defends policy of separating men

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