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On value-governance

What do I mean, when I talk about ‘value-governance’ in an enterprise-architecture sense? In Enterprise Canvas, what does that ‘Value Governance’ cell represent? What do its services actually do, for the service, the organisation and the overall enterprise? This one’s for

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More on values-architecture

The discussion on values-architecture and values in business continues happily unabated. Still seems worthwhile, and also seems useful to re-post some of it here to make it more generally available. @Tom You asked for suggestions. Keep it simple. Keep it

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Values-architecture 101

There’s been a fairly lengthy argument on the LinkedIn business-architecture list about the role and meaning of ‘value’ in business-architecture. As usual, most of the US contingent leapt off onto the red-herring of ‘shareholder-value’, which to me is almost completely

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