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Who are your anti-clients?

If you’re in any kind of business, you’ll know who your clients are: you deal with them every day. And serving their needs will no doubt take up much of your attention, too. And you, or someone in your organisation,

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The perils of plagiarism

This one’s on the travails of being an innovative thinker who publishes on the web… Whilst writing an article on the enterprise-architecture and the Shirky Principle that I’ll post later today, I needed to add a reference to my old

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Sidewise – shareholders and skills

Forgot to mention some new posts up on the SideWise weblog: What do shareholders own? – rethinking the implications of ‘ownership’ in business, particularly the notion that the shareholders own the company The reverse-test – on a nicely sardonic post

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New weblog – 'Thinking sidewise'

Following up a recommendation from Shawn Callahan of Australian narrative-knowledge consultancy Anecdote, I’ve started a new weblog, thinking side-wise. This existing weblog has developed a more technical emphasis around enterprise architecture, together with an assortment of other personal themes, all

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