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Seven sins of dubious discipline

Enterprise-architecture, strategy, or just about everything, really – they all depend on disciplined thinking, disciplined sensemaking and decision-making. But what happens when that discipline is lost? What are the ‘sins’ that can cause that discipline to be lost? And how

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Round the bend

How do people learn new skills? And what can be done to make it quicker and easier to learn those needed skills? One answer is to explore the patterns in the skills-learning process… On the surface, each skill is different,

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Learning and the limits of automation

One of the themes that came up in the Vlerick Business School session on EA-roadmaps was around how long it takes to learn how to develop the skills needed to do enterprise-architecture – and how and why to learn them,

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The over-certainties of certification

A strange kind of annual ritual that they did there, that subtle ‘work-to-rule’, every year that I worked at that place. Each autumn, up would come the new crop of graduates, each with their shiny new graduation-certificate and their own

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Best practices – adapt, then adopt

Just how applicable are ‘best practices’? How certain can we be that they’ll be ‘best’ for each seemingly-equivalent context? I’ve been brewing on this for quite a while, when via serendipity up comes this retweet by software-architect Simon Brown: RT

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On self-doubt

Self-doubt. It can be a real killer – in many different senses. A killer of ideas. Of motivation. Of hope, or joy. In extreme cases, even of people themselves. For once, I’m very glad to say, it’s not me that’s

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Dowsing the flames

The headline article in The Independent caught my attention this morning: ‘Head of bomb detector company arrested in fraud investigation‘. “This is an act of terrible betrayal”, wrote the Independent’s defence  journalist Kim Sengupta in a parallel piece – clearly

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Motivation to learn: "Love is a better master than duty"

Came across this comment whilst exploring laptop.org.au, the Australian arm of the One Laptop Per Child movement [my emphasis]: Learning is our main goal. … Epistemologists from John Dewey to Paulo Freire to Seymour Papert agree that you learn through

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Sidewise – shareholders and skills

Forgot to mention some new posts up on the SideWise weblog: What do shareholders own? – rethinking the implications of ‘ownership’ in business, particularly the notion that the shareholders own the company The reverse-test – on a nicely sardonic post

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