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At Social Business Summit London 2013

What’s the best way for businesses to engage with social-media? What are the successes, the traps and gotchas, the new ideas and innovations that work well, the old ideas that don’t? Those were some of the themes that Dachis Group’s

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Scalability and uniqueness

What actually do we mean by ‘scalability’ in enterprise-architecture? What can and can’t we scale within the architecture, or the process of architecture itself? These questions came up for me in thinking about a comment by Dave Duggal to the previous

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The craft of knowledge-work, the role of theory and the challenge of scale

If enterprise-architecture is a kind of craft – part art, part science – then how do we get it to scale? Is it even possible to get it to scale? – because if not, the whole enterprise of enterprise-architecture itself

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How not to do social-business

At the Dachis Social Business Summit, one of the presenters, from Forrester, showed off their notion of the Always-Addressable Customer – combining geolocation and mobile to tailored marketing-messages. The presenter was clearly excited about it, and the two examples she showed

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At Social Business Summit

A busy day last Thursday at the Dachis Group’s Social Business Summit London 2012, courtesy of a much-appreciated invite from the ever-indefatigable Dave Gray. An interesting day, too – not least because of the parallels and differences compared to my

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Interoperability and interresponsibility

(This one’s somewhat exploratory, so perhaps pardon me if I ramble a bit more even than usual here?) Reading Dion Hinchcliffe’s excellent post ‘Enterprise Social Networks Need Open Standards‘ left me pondering on the whole thorny issue of interoperability, and

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Connection is what matters

A great Tweet from Oscar Berg this morning: oscarberg: IMO #socbiz is primarily a mindset&way2see business in increasingly connected & digital age I think he’s exactly right there: in essence, ‘social business’ is a different mindset about the way a

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