This post is about enterprise-architecture and business-architecture, but we’ll first need a brief diversion into some of the territory of the previous few posts. (Note: I’m using the term ‘enterprise’ here in the same sense as the IEEE-1471 standard, to mean …

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Another week’s collection of Tweets and links on enterprise-architecture and other assorted matters Once again it’s a little late (apologies), and again a bit on the long side (6 pages), so click on the ‘Read more…’ link for the details.

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Been struggling to invent the time to write a piece about what’s it’s been like here in Mexico and Guatemala, and another about “the tyranny of the explicit“, but looks like it ain’t gonna happen just yet. So in the …

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Been some time here since I mentioned my other more business-oriented weblog, I’ve added a fair few items over the past few months: The market as economy: how ‘the market’ consists of much more than just transactions, and how …

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