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Everyday sexism of the subtler kind

How does sexism and suchlike become invisibly ingrained in our society? Answer: whenever said sexism is promoted as ‘progressive thinking’… To many people, the term ‘sexism’ applies only to gender-imbalance that directly affects women: yet a few moments thought should

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Maslow’s Hierarchy isn’t a hierarchy

Maslow’s Hierarchy isn’t a hierarchy. Spiral Dynamics isn’t a spiral. They’re not levels in a stack; they’re not linear progressions. They’re dimensions. I was reminded of this by an excellent post on the Psychology Today website, by Pamela Rutledge: Social Networks:

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More on chaos and Cynefin

Another ‘exploratory’, following on from the previous post on ‘Complexity, Chaos and Enterprise Architecture‘, in terms of the Cynefin framework, and again developing out of Dave Snowden‘s excellent webinar on complexity and ‘abductive reasoning’. Cynefin is probably one of the

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Another note on Spiral Dynamics

A couple of quick follow-ups on my recent post on the Spiral Dynamics cultural-assessment framework, which I use in some aspects of my work on business-architecture and enterprise-architecture. First, as per his comment on that post, Kent Bye has assembled

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More on 'Dimensions of a Spiral'

This one’s fairly long – quite a bit longer even than my usual over-long posts… Theme here is a framework called Spiral Dynamics (see a previous post on this), which is used to identify value-systems in individuals, groups and organisations.

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Dimensions of a Spiral

This one was triggered by a Tweet from Shawn Callahan – the grand-master of narrative-knowledge – saying that he on his way to a workshop on Spiral Dynamics. Spiral is an interesting framework, assessing individuals’ and cultures’ responses to their

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The natural anarchist

For a while now I’ve been describing myself as a ‘business anarchist‘, in part because a sizeable aspect of my work is ‘creative destruction’ of business assumptions and the like, for the purpose of clarifying the direction in which the

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