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On value-governance

What do I mean, when I talk about ‘value-governance’ in an enterprise-architecture sense? In Enterprise Canvas, what does that ‘Value Governance’ cell represent? What do its services actually do, for the service, the organisation and the overall enterprise? This one’s for

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On stakeholders

Who are our stakeholders? How do we identify our stakeholders? This one came up from the back-and-forth during my ‘Backbone and edge‘ presentation at the IASA UK Summit in London last week. One of the sections in the presentation was about stakeholders

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Migrating from edge to backbone

What should we move between ‘edge’ and ‘backbone’ in our enterprise-architecture? How do we do so? And what governance do we need for this? The core theme behind this here is the notion that ‘agility needs a backbone’ – that

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Why the bottom-line doesn't come first in enterprise-architecture

Yep, it’s red-rag time, folks… 🙂 Sometimes I really do despair of ‘enterprise’-architecture that completely fails to understand the difference between enterprise and organisation, or that mistakes the concerns of a single stakeholder group for the aims of the enterprise as

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