Simplifying SCORE, again

How can we simplify the SCORE framework – Strengths, Challenges, Options, Responses, Effectiveness – to make it more accessible as a practical, more strategy-oriented replacement for SWOT? As summarised in the post ‘More on simplifying SCORE‘, the way to use SCORE is sort-of

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More on simplifying SCORE

How do we use SCORE, as a practical, more strategy-oriented replacement for SWOT? These are some additional notes as a follow-up and extension to the previous post ‘Simplifying SCORE‘. They perhaps apply in particular to the new simplified layout for

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Simplifying SCORE

What tool or graphic would you use to guide a quick exploration of strategy or tactics? Many people would use SWOT, of course – the classic 2×2 grid of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats: The catch is that it’s very limited

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Slidedeck: Introduction to SCORE

Finally got round to uploading to Slideshare my old (2006) slidedeck ‘Introduction to SCORE‘. SCORE (Strengths, Challenges, Opportunities, Responses, Effectiveness) is a kind of ‘upgrade’ to the good ol’ SWOT strategy-assessment framework. I developed SCORE perhaps a decade ago when

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