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Efficient, effective, convenient?

Is convenience even more fundamental to an enterprise than either efficiency or effectiveness? That’s the curve-ball that Nick Gall threw to me, in a comment on my earlier post ‘Efficient versus effective‘. It’s quite a long comment (and, unfortunately, quite

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Efficient versus effective (an addendum)

What is efficiency? From whose perspective? Just a quick follow-on to the previous post ‘Efficient versus effective‘, with a couple of insights that came up just after I’d published it. First is that the distinction between efficient and effective is often

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Efficient versus effective

What is ‘efficiency’? – in particular, ‘efficiency’ in any system that’s subject to real-world variances? Starting-point for this one was yet another passing item in my Twitterstream: RT @MentalHealthCop: If providers are contractually obliged to run hospitals at 98% capacity, is

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EA: past and future, money and story

One more comment on the ‘certification for enterprise-architecture’ farrago, and then I’d better move on. The other day I spotted a one-liner from ‘gamechanger‘ Mike Bonifer that I can only describe as quietly brilliant – and painfully pertinent to this

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And more on EA certification…

What is the profession of enterprise-architecture? And what should we do about certification, to define and protect that profession? Yeah, it’s much the same questions as before – but perhaps becoming a bit more urgent as the thrust from Open Group

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The stench of systemic decay

It was the smell that caught my attention first, I guess – the smell of chemicals as I walked through through the front door of their supposedly upmarket offices. But it’s something I’ve come to recognise, to watch for, as

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How not to use IT in services

Several people picked up on this one after Gerold Kathan sent out a note about it, but perhaps David Sprott said it the best: davidsprott: RT @gkathan: John Seddon – a master class in how NOT to use IT in

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Dependency and resilience in enterprise-architecture models

This one’s back on the metamodel theme again, and is a follow-up to a query by Peter Bakker in his post ‘Thinking about Graeme Burnett’s questions‘, in reply to my previous post ‘EA metamodel: two questions‘. Peter wrote: I think

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