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Technology-adoption, technology-evolution and lifecycle-management

What’s the difference between technology-adoption, technology-evolution and lifecycle-management? That’s a question that’s come up recently for me, in part as a follow-up to my recent post ‘Technology-adoption, Wardley-maps and Bimodal-IT‘. The key point here is that, to explain the underlying

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Luddite, and proud

I’m an enterprise-architect, deeply engaged in every aspect of technology and more. Which means that at times, yes, I’m also an active Luddite – and proud of it, too. Luddites? Aren’t they those crazy technophobes who go around smashing machines because they’re

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Like magic…

What is magic? And how would it apply in enterprise-architecture? Don’t worry – I haven’t gone crazy! (Well, not completely crazy, anyway…) It’s just I’ve been doing a lot of pondering lately on that classic phrase by Arthur C Clarke, that

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