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Luddite, and proud

I’m an enterprise-architect, deeply engaged in every aspect of technology and more. Which means that at times, yes, I’m also an active Luddite – and proud of it, too. Luddites? Aren’t they those crazy technophobes who go around smashing machines because they’re

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“It’s not rocket-science”

“It’s not rocket-science, y’know…” – how often have we heard that phrase? Yeah, it kinda implies that almost anything is easier than rocket-science… Yet actually, that’s not true – because, for the most part, the science of ‘rocket-science’ is pretty simple.

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The egg-sorting machine

One of our more frequent challenges in enterprise-architecture is to get The Usual Suspects to understand that, yes, there are indeed many other kinds of technology than just the IT – and even if whatever-it-is has a computer in it,

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How not to do social-business

At the Dachis Social Business Summit, one of the presenters, from Forrester, showed off their notion of the Always-Addressable Customer – combining geolocation and mobile to tailored marketing-messages. The presenter was clearly excited about it, and the two examples she showed

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How to overdose on augmented-reality

Courtesy of a pointer by Mike Aikins (@AussiMike), came across a brilliant yet scary pair of videos about just how far ‘augmented reality’ might intrude into our lives in the relatively near future. The two videos were created by architecture-student

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Dowsing the flames

The headline article in The Independent caught my attention this morning: ‘Head of bomb detector company arrested in fraud investigation‘. “This is an act of terrible betrayal”, wrote the Independent’s defence  journalist Kim Sengupta in a parallel piece – clearly

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SixthSense – excellent technology, but potential term-hijack?

Courtesy of a Tweet from knowledge-management figurehead David Gurteen, I’ve been looking at a TED presentation on Media Labs’ so-called ‘SixthSense‘ project. [Apologies, couldn’t get the embed to work – please use the links above instead.] As David puts it,

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