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Service, product and architecture terminology

This one’s a follow-on to the ‘Service, product, service‘ post, but with an emphasis on the role of architecture-terminology itself, rather than any specific item referred to by that terminology. This starts with a private LinkedIn-message that a colleague sent

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Declaring the assumptions

Moving onward with this exploration of how I’m reframing the way I work, a key part is around identifying the constraints of that work: where and how the tools work, and – perhaps even more important – being clear about

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SCCC: Simple, Complicated, Complex, Chaotic

Folks, we have an important issue on terminology that we need to address. In two comments to my previous post, Dave Snowden has made it clear that he objects to any reference to the term ‘Cynefin‘ that does not conform

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Architecture is non-functional

Architecture is non-functional. I’ll bet that statement raised the blood-pressure a few notches for some folks, yes? Defensive? Irritated? Sarcastic? “Waddayamean, non-functional, hey?” Good point, because ‘non-functional’ is not the same as ‘has no function’ – although it’s often misread

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The dangers of 'term-hijack'

My post yesterday on “Annoyed at ‘Enterprise 2.0’” seemed to touch a nerve with quite a few folks – it’s had more responses and ‘twitter-play’ than all my other posts in the past month put together. 🙂 But although there

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