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On funds received

Just a brief note that’s specific to a small number of readers here – those that have been kind enough to send in donations via the ‘Donate with PayPal’ button to the right (or further below, if you’re using a

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New – EA training-course

Yep, I’ve finally Got Round To It: I’ve created a full set of materials for an EA training-course, building on the whole-of-enterprise approach that I’ve championed all of these years. (Whole-of-enterprise, that is, in contrast to the arbitrarily-constrained IT-is-the-centre-of-everything approach

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Metaframeworks in practice, Part 1: Extended-Zachman

What ontology-frameworks do we need, to make sense of the enterprise-architecture of a logistics-business? This is the first of five worked-examples of metaframeworks in practice – on how to hack and ‘smoosh-together’ existing frameworks to create appropriate tools to help

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Metaframeworks in practice: Introduction

If most of the frameworks we use in enterprise-architecture are ‘smooshed together’ from other frameworks, according to the needs of the context, then how do we do that ‘smooshing together’? More to the point, when and how and why should we

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Rethinking the DIKW hierarchy

What are the relationships between data, information, knowledge and wisdom? This is one of the classic challenges in the knowledge-management [KM] space. The usual way to describe those relationships is that it’s a stack, or a hierarchy, or a pyramid,

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Cross-reference to related posts

This is a follow-on to the earlier post ‘Helping others make sense of my work’. One of the various suggestions that came up from that – many thanks, folks! – was for better cross-reference between posts. I’ve now added a

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More on business-models

Back on business-models again, this time with more of an emphasis on the implications for enterprise-architecture, rather than solely for business-architecture. The initial challenge posed by my colleague was to describe my own business model, by which he meant “how

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What's my own business-model?

How do I make money, in my business? What’s my own business-model? That was part of a follow-on to my previous post on ‘What do we mean by ‘business-architecture’?‘, in a great phone-conversation with a colleague last night, who challenged me

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New book 'Everyday Enterprise-Architecture' now available on Amazon

Everyday Enterprise Architecture, the latest book in my Tetradian Enterprise Architecture series, is now available on Amazon: ‘Everyday Enterprise Architecture‘ on Amazon.com ‘Everyday Enterprise Architecture‘ on Amazon.co.uk Note that Amazon have an unfortunate habit of listing print-on-demand books as ‘out

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What is 'the enterprise'?

Sounds a simple-enough question, no doubt, but seems to me that most nominal ‘enterprise architects’ have never even bothered to ask it. The usual answer would seem to be ‘the organization’, or worse, ‘the IT department’… I’ve posted up on

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