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Exact Lives Save Change

Exact Lives Save Change. Or it might have been Exact Change Saves Lives. Something like that, anyway. Yeah, it was definitely one of those nights – y’know, such as, in this case, I might have gotten to sleep for a few

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When I’m Sixty-Four

I opened the Chrome browser for a new web-search yesterday, and this is what popped up: Google have my date-of-birth, of course, linked to my GMail account. At which point I finally remembered, “Oh, yeah, it is my birthday, isn’t

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Two words

There we were, my colleague and I, discussing the possible merits and value for me of going to yet another conference. This time business-architecture rather than ‘enterprise’-architecture, and reasonably-priced too – unlike so many conferences these days. Looked good. Yet

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Let it go

Let it go? Actually, I can’t. Or won’t. Or don’t know how. Or maybe it won’t let me go… Something, anyway… Right now I’m in the somewhat embarrassing position of being hooked on a Disney movie. Or, to be precise, one

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Embracing our inner weirdness

Easter. In the Christian calendar at least – and in the pagan one that preceded it – it’s supposed to be a time of rebirth. Yet rebirth of what? And into what, or whom? If it’s a more personal form

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Another Christmas, another cold. I just don’t seem well adapted for English winter… Nor for families either, I guess. In England at least, Christmas is both a religious festival and family festival – yet even at best I’ve never felt

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On learning enterprise-architecture

A few days ago Pradeep (I don’t know his surname, unfortunately) wrote a comment to one of my previous posts, asking for advice on learning enterprise-architecture: I aspire to become a enterprise architect. Not sure if you have written on a

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Apologising for the apologies

What’s this? Not again? Yet another post – already?? Sorry… my fault… many apologies… Or should I be apologising for the apologies…? 😐 Over-apologising for everything seems a peculiarly English affliction… (Talking with a Polish guy in the post-office the other

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Why are the elite the elite?

An interesting follow-on this afternoon from the themes of the previous post, ‘Rethinking the architecture of management‘. I was wandering around down town, doing the shopping. Outside this rather nice old traditional-style grocer’s shop, there’s a mob of 20-something students

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