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How not to define business-architecture…

Oh no, not again… Having all but crippled enterprise-architecture for the past decade with a muddled mess of myopia and misdefinitions, it seems Open Group are hell-bent on making the same kind of mess in business-architecture… I need to be

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Why business-model to enterprise-architecture?

Yes, I admit it: I’ve been kinda pouring out the posts lately. Sorry… But why all this fuss about business–models and enterprise-architecture? What’s the point about the bottom-line not being the baseline to work from? If everyone’s selling something to

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From business-model to enterprise-architecture

Okay, I think I’m finally getting somewhere, on looking for a way to connect a business-model to enterprise-architecture, to provide a full link between top-down intent and bottom-up real-world constraints. This specific part goes from the business-model downwards, from Business

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Rethinking the layers in enterprise-architecture

Still plodding away on ideas for a systematic process to translate a business-model in Business Model Canvas down into real-world architecture and implementation. (This links up with quite a few previous posts, such as ‘More on business-models‘, ‘Enterprise-architecture – let’s

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Is Archimate too IT-centric for enterprise-architecture?

Archimate aims to be the standard notation for enterprise-architectures. But has it become too IT-centric to be usable for that purpose? And is there any way we can get it to break out of the IT-centric box? These questions came

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Tweets from Open Group conference, Austin

A selection of Tweets from various folks – with an especial thank-you to @systemsflow and @theopengroup – from the Open Group conference, Austin, Texas, 18-20 July 2011, via the Twitter hashtag #ogaus. (Selected in the sense that most of the

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Business architect and enterprise architect

This one started from a Tweet from Vince Outlaw, one of the attendees at the recent Gartner EA conference in San Diego: SMOutlaw: Hot IT job No. 1: Business architect http://ow.ly/5p44R Very timely as Enterprise Business Architecture is a HUGE

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Great conversations on enterprise-architecture

A busy week this has been. The Gartner EA Summit and the Open Group Enterprise Architecture Practitioners conference were both on in London at the same time, little more than a few hundred yards apart. And a lot of other

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Why I won't be going to Open Group London

Today’s the last day for the ‘Early Bird’ for the Open Group London conference (Twitter hashtag #oglon) on enterprise-architecture and the like. It’s being held in my ‘home-city’ – just over fifty miles away. In principle, it’s one of the flagship conferences

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Tweets from Open Group conference, San Diego

The following a selected subset of the Tweets and links sent out by attendees and other from the Open Group (TOGAF) conference on enterprise-architecture, IT-security and cloud-computing. Given my own interests, I’ve emphasised enterprise-architecture, but I’ve included many of the

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